Is from Bump to Baby right for me?
My classes are designed to prepare the 95% of expectant couples who fall under the “normal and low risk” category. Classes are well received by people from varying backgrounds, philosophies and learning styles. Our curriculum is based on safe, effective methodology supported by evidence based research, consistent with the recommendations of The Public Health Agency of Canada and SOGC.
When should I attend Childbirth Classes?
Ultimately, the third trimester is best! Mostly, parents are more ready during the third trimester and retain more information since the baby will be arriving shortly. Taking your classes between 28-36 weeks of pregnancy will allow you enough time to attend all 5. If you are planning to have a private session, you may have class for one day, either a Saturday or Sunday. In this case, you could wait until you are further along.
When should I register for Childbirth Classes?
The sooner you register the better! By registering earlier in your pregnancy you are able to secure a class and also allows for flexibility in scheduling. Classes fill up quickly, since they are kept to 5 couples for each session, you should register around 20 weeks of pregnancy.
I have already done lots of reading, do I still have to take Childbirth Classes?
A few reasons why it’s better: it can relieve your anxiety, you may be a little scared to give birth. This is natural and attending a childbirth class allows you to meet other parents and share. You’re not only learning from an instructor but from other’s who are experiencing some of the same feelings.
I already have a doula, do I need Prenatal Classes too?
Yes. Prenatal classes would certainly be beneficial. Through prenatal classes you will network with and learn from other people. You will benefit from group activities and multi-media teaching aids. You will also enjoy approximately 12 hours of instruction with knowledge about relaxation and breathing techniques, comfort measures and decision-making. Through role playing activities and other learning avenues childbirth classes will help you prepare for birth. They will add to your support system and help you relate with others in the group and possibly build long-term connections.
How are Private Classes different from Evening Classes?
Private classes are different from Evening classes since they are held on either a Saturday or Sunday, from 9-4pm. Private classes are more flexible and can also be split over two days and can be scheduled more easily to fit with your busy schedule.
We're both very busy. Can I get the information I need from watching videos and reading books instead of taking a class?
Most couples find group classes to be the most helpful method of meeting both their need for education and support. Listening to other couples ask questions they are able to recognize that women are designed to give birth and they are reassured that they are perfect for the job. Coping techniques are difficult to grasp by just reading a book or watching a video. Engaging with other parents during class, discussing pregnancy and develop relaxation techniques by practicing. Classes can increase you knowledge and allow you to feel confident and ready to give birth your way.

With your busy schedule in mind, childbirth education classes are available every month as Evening Series and Private classes allow for you to have a one-on-one with the Childbirth Educator and in your home.

What time do the classes run?
On-site Evening classes start at 7pm and end at 9:30pm, once per week.
Private classes run either on site or in the privacy of your home, either on Saturday or Sunday, from 9am-4pm