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Childbirth Classes | From Bump to Baby

Childbirth Classes

From Bump to Baby is passionate about working with families during this time, birth impacts the family in a profound way.  You will build a foundation upon which life unfolds, learn to identify goals and gain knowledge to guide you through pregnancy, labour and birth.

A woman’s body was designed to give birth naturally and when we trust and respect the natural process, the body responds well providing numerous benefits to both mother and baby. Bringing your child into the world the way nature intended is a very safe, satisfying and empowering experience.

With intervention rates in Canada being considerably high, it has become our priority to work with families, reminding them that birth is normal and couples will learn a how to be proactive participants in birth.

Note: We focus on normality and do not provide medical advice.

Holistic Approach
Since childbirth is both a physical and psychological event, women require a holistic approach that takes into consideration, not only their physical needs but their emotional ones as well.  Each women is unique with different needs and desires, wheather she chooses to give birth in a hospital or at home, with a doctor or midwife, From Bump to Baby will provide you with evidence based information.

The Role of the Partner
All birth partners need to assume the role of “key supporter” and we empower all partners to be equally knowledgeable and passionate about the task at hand. This shared vision, combined with dedication, trust and love, increases the likelihood of a more positive birth.  Labours with adequate support are shorter, less painful, and require less intervention.  When a loved one takes on this awesome responsibility, birth becomes an intimate bonding experience unlike any other.

Sometimes Things Don’t Go As Planned
The intention to have a natural birth is a commendable one and is worth striving for however, no matter how well prepared, birth can be unpredictable with plenty of variations.  The number one priority along the journey is a healthy mother and healthy baby so being prepared and working as a team is the key.  Couples should be effective communicators, work in partnership with those involved in their birth, familiarize youselves with common obstetrical interventions and ask questions.

Your Optimal Birth
Birth is a deeply personal and life changing experience and I am privileged each time couples instil their trust in me to help them prepare for their awesome journey.

My priority is to deliver the information and skills you will need to create your birth plan.  Whether you are expecting your first baby or your fifth, planning a hospital birth or a home delivery, I will provide high quality education encouraging, enlightening, and empowering you.  Mostly I want to help you give your baby the healthiest start to life.

What To Bring

  • Wear Comfortable clothing
  • 1 or 2 pillow(s)
  • Something to drink
  • A partner
  • Something to take notes with
  • A list of questions/concerns