Baby Food Making

Now your little one is ready to start eating in a big way!


We have a “They eat what you eat Philosophy!”


We have adapted the most hands-on of our practical workshop to the virtual environment to prepare and make homemade Organic baby food for your baby. I will demonstrate how to make cereal and other types of pureed food and we will prepare enough food for your baby to eat for one or two weeks.

These sessions are designed to help you learn the basics about sterilizing containers for storage and how to prepare all stages of eating, from pureed and on to the big stuff!

Once you have registered, you will receive information on how to prepare for the class: A recipe for each item, a shopping list of all the different types of grains for cereal, vegetables, fruits and meats to buy, and a list comparing food processors, storage containers and dishes for your little one.
Note: You are responsible for providing your own food for these classes.

Stage 1: Making Cereal

ONLINE (90 Min.)


Making cereal: preparing and storing it properly. You will receive a list of all the different types of grains for cereal and recipes so you can make it on your own.

Stage 2: Veggies & Fruits

ONLINE (90 Min.)


Making veggies and fruits: preparing and storing it properly.

Stage 3: Baby-led Weaning

ONLINE (60 Min.)


Baby Led Weaning Food: What is it? How do I prepare this properly?

This stage is an important milestone for your little one; they are learning to feed themselves. With this new found technique, I will help you prepare and guide your little one in the right direction. 

Join me for a quick session on how to fix these up in a flash.



PACKAGE DEAL! Learn all 3 Stages at Once

ONLINE (3.5 hrs.)


Take all 3 Stages together:

  • Stage 1: Cereal
  • Stage 2: Fruit & Veggies
  • Stage 3: Baby Led Weaning


Grocery Shopping

Per trip


Don’t have time to shop before your class? I will shop for all the items you need to make baby food at home. Once you have registered, we can discuss your baby’s needs, make a list of all the products you want and arrange a date and time for delivery. You are responsible for the cost of food or other items which are purchased.


 Compare Home Made Baby Food Store Bought Baby Food
Convenience and Reassurance

Takes a little time to cook and puree. 

Once it’s cooked you can either freeze it or preserve for use later. You know what your child is eating.

Super convenient – heat and eat!
Can be stored for long periods of time.Salt, sugar and preservatives could be added.
Nutritional Value

Nutrients will be lost if foods have been in fridge for a few days. 

Freezing and making your own perverse baby food ensures it can be kept longer for up to three months.

Use fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Control salt, sugar and no preservatives.

Adjust textures to suit your baby.

Pre-packaged food does have to abide by food standards. The jars of food have been processed and preserved, so will have somewhat less nutritional value than fresh food. Check out the ingredients and nutrients table on the back of each packet.
Cost Homemade baby food works out much cheaper than store bought. The average baby can start out eating for less than $5 per week. Store bought jars and packets range from $1-5. Once opened the food cannot be re-used, so in the early days there is a lot of wastage.
Allergies Recommended if you have a family history of allergies, to keep control of what baby is eating. Store bought foods must list all their ingredients however if baby does react to a product, you can’t always tell which ingredient were the cause. If you are concerned about possible allergic reactions, stick to organic brands to help minimize the risk.

Canadian Pediatrics Society