Course Description

Labour and Birth
  • Pre-labour signs
  • Signs of labour & when to call your caregiver
  • Stages and phases of labour
  • Labour & birth positions
  • Partner support
  • Alternative pain relief/comfort
  • Understanding medications & interventions
  • Postpartum and recovery
How Your Body Gives Birth Normally

•    Nourishing the pregnant body and mind
•    The anatomy and physiology of birth
•    How labour looks, sounds, and feels
•    Birthing your baby
•    Role of the Support person(s)

Making Choices
  • Making a birth plan that works for you
  • What to bring with you to your planned place of birth
  • When to go to your planned place of birth
  • What happens when you get to there
  • Common medical routines and interventions in birth: benefits, risks, and choice
  • Common challenges in labour and birth
How to Cope With Your Unique Labour
  • The pitfalls of not preparing for the reality of pain
  • The immense value of normal labour pain
  • Managing expectations
  • Coping with labour pain with breathing, visualization, motion, nutrition, rest, and positions
  • Optimal fetal positioning
Pain Management and Preparation for Labour
  • The Gate Theory of Pain Inhibition in Action
  • Mother Massage
  • Inducing Relaxation
  • Pregnant Women: Exploring Concerns Surrounding Birth
  • Partners: What Worries You?
  • Role Playing, practice and demonstrations
Newborn Care
  • What to expect during baby’s first few months of life
  • Newborn appearance and communication
  • Soothing techniques
  • Sleep (cribs, bassinets, co-sleeping and safety)
  • Diapering (cloth and disposable)
  • Bathing your newborn
  • Breastfeeding resources
  • Breastfeeding challenges and troubleshooting
  • Baby-led Breastfeeding
  • Latching a baby onto the breast
  • Breastfeeding positions
  • Learn about your baby’s hunger cues
  • How to know if your baby is getting enough
Postpartum Class
  • Meet other moms and bring your baby
  • Enjoy the company of other moms
  • Share breastfeeding concerns and stories
  • Discuss many topics like co-sleeping, share-sleeping
  • Share community resources